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Mindset Mastermind, PACKAGE #1

Radical Self-Care

Do you make goals but not keep them?

Do you wish you could meditate or exercise on a daily basis?

Do you struggle with thinking you do not have enough time, money or energy?

The Mindset Mastery Package – is ideal for those who need a clear strategy on how to shift from Not Enough to Plenty.


A Quarterly Group, Monthly

This 3 Month Group Mastermind Coaching Program works to shift your mindset so that it includes Healthy Habits as a part of your regular and daily life.

We often spend more money on our haircare and skincare than we do on our own mental health.  Living Mindfully means to step outside yourself to gain perspective; to observe your actions, your thoughts, and your feelings so you can better align with your deepest values and goals.  What are your values?  What are your goals?

This is an online incubator for busy people to work with me directly for 3 months so I can support them on their time management and accountability as they build Self Care and Healthy Habits into their daily lives once and for all without feeling lost or chaotic.  This Healthy Habit Mastermind Group allows time to work privately with me as well as within our small group.

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The Burnout Boss, PACKAGE #2

Self-Care is Health Care.

Do you take care of others better than yourself?

Are you drained and angry at the end of the day?

Do you drink too much, eat too much and want to curb it?

The Burnout Boss Package – is ideal for those who need a step-by-step process on how to build healthy boundaries and stay accountable to putting themselves first.


3 Months of Calls, Weekly 

Burnout is not something that happens overnight.  It is a state of chronic stress and, like a slow leak, overtime takes the air out of us.  We feel ineffective and exhausted.   We have trouble sleeping, thinking and keeping our cool in situations where we absolutely know staying calm is the better option.  Burnout feels like we have lost control.

This package is a program where caretakers, parents, busy executives can set aside the overwhelm, the anger, the mental and physical fatigue for a moment and consciously shift your attention to yourself.   Working with me, and taking responsibility for yourself and your life, and with absolute clarity, we will see where your boundaries got wobbled and your self care got lost.  We will build a step-by-step process of mindfulness and design a life where we start and end everyday getting your own needs met first. First, we meet our own needs and then we have something left over to give to others.  When our needs are met, we can then serve others without resentment.

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Path of Wellness

Are you going through a big transition right now?

Do you feel a bit lost on how the next phase of your life is going to unfold?

Are you wanting to do some private yoga lessons and practice the difference between letting go versus letting be?


The VIP Package – is ideal for those who want one-on-one personal attention and private yoga lessons to learn how to shift the physical and mental energies that keep us stuck, whether it be from injury or stagnation.


A Personal Development Course

Transitioning between one yoga pose to the next requires the same from us as we transition from one phase of our life to the next.  Whether you are getting a divorce, turning into an empty nester, or shifting out of your long time career, shedding our former self require the same things: a willingness to move, a mindfulness of how we feel and a great big breath can leave us feeling peaceful in a place of stability and ease.  Using the Yoga Path of Wellness Private Yoga Lessons Package, here we will walk the path together; in body, in mind and in spirit.  Each week, we will see where you are and where you are going by playing with the breath, with movement, with mindfulness.  You will shift from the past, to the present and gently lean into your next great thing.

Two Tiers:

PRIVATE SESSIONS, 6 month commitment

VIP Premium Package – A Personal Development 12 Week Course

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The body remembers, the bones remember, the joints remember, even the little finger remembers. Memory is lodged in pictures and feelings in the cells themselves. Like a sponge filled with water, anywhere the flesh is pressed, wrung, even touched lightly, a memory may flow out in a stream.

~Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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How Much Stress Is On Your Plate?

How Much Stress Is On Your Plate?

Posted by Kim Wade on 03/15/19

In my work with the Inner Circle, a monthly membership group for women, we are on the healthy habit this month of looking at our diet.  Not our calories and protein source, but what we feed ourselves in BODY, in MIND, and in SPIRIT.  Think about that for a second – what does your diet consist of? As I was doing the research for my Inner Circle group this month, I came across a study that started in 2007 of the most common stresses we face.  And, last year, the state of our union ranked over money as a bigger cause of stress.  In other words, POLITICS over MONEY.  That’s a big deal.  Money is always fun to stress about but now POLITICS has jumped that in many of our minds?  Eek.  Does that feel true for you? Ask yourself: How much stress are you  eating on a regular basis?  How much is on your plate?  How much technology are you taking in?  How much overwhelm and burnout are you feeling on a day-to-day basis?  Is it the state of the union that worries you?  Is it caring for an aging parent or loved one? Is it uncertainty and fear about terrorism, global warming, natural disasters that don’t feel quite so natural?  Is it that you hate your job? Pause for a second and actually chew on this:  What does your diet consist of and where does that stress go?  We know the process of eating – digesting – and then evacuating, right?  Are you able to do that with your stress as well?  Do you have Self care built in...

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Grief – 3 months later

Grief – 3 months later

Posted by Kim Wade on 03/08/19

“I  didn’t want to bring it up in case you didn’t want to talk about it.” “Every time I see you, I just want to hug you and ask how you are.” “You are such an inspiration the way you are carrying on with such grace.” “Your hair is getting so long.” These are the things I have been hearing from my loving community.  And, I thank you.  For your words, cards, books, food, check ins, prayers and hugs.  And, yes, I know from the bottom of my bones that I am so dearly loved.  That I am so surrounded and held by such a loving and beautiful community.   (I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know all of this love and support was there  3 months ago.  Not to this degree anyway and not in the way I do now.) Bill’s death (3 months ago today, my beloved passed), has given me that.  Pretty crazy.  To lose a love to gain such love.  It’s kinda weird to know that the greatest gift I have received from Bill’s death is this clarity.  “The greatest gift I have ever suffered.” Okay, so it’s 3 months ago today.  How am I?  My hair is long and I just can’t bring myself to cut it.  It feels like if I cut it, he will really be gone.  I know I have to eventually, and perhaps soon cause I know it looks and feels so heavy, but not quite yet.  Not ready yet. Grief is freaky.  It’s a fucker.  It’s a little tiny beast that pops it’s little head up in...

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Care How You Feel

Care How You Feel

Posted by Kim Wade on 03/01/19

Continuing on with your day after a hard night of sleep, an argument with your spouse, perhaps a challenging issue with your health is so physically/ mentally draining.  It’s so hard to bounce back and regain focus of your day, let alone enjoy it. The mental current that is moving the fastest for most of us is usually the one with worry or tension and that can trap you.  Even when the situation happened hours ago, we can churn in those stressed-out or fearful waters all day.  Reliving those moments over and over again.  Not only does this damage our bodies (living in an internal war zone of stress and fear) but it also prevents us from being present in the moment we are in. Does that happen to you?  Do you get to the end of your day and feel almost numb to what took place? We do this to ourselves because we get used to this pattern. Just like any habit that we do again and again  in our lives, only helps encourage it, the same thing goes with our thoughts.  Dwelling in the negative most often creates a solid negative mindset.  We don’t like to think of ourselves as a negative person but ask yourself: are my thoughts predominately negative?  Am I a negative person? As we know, the mind is always thinking and we can’t truly stop our thoughts but we sure can choose them.  This is why meditation can be so helpful.  It doesn’t stop the thoughts, but it allows us a respite from the rote patterning we often can find ourselves in.  When...

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Judgmental much?

Judgmental much?

Posted by Kim Wade on 02/22/19

Well, of course, we are all judgmental to some degree or another – we are human.  We judge ourselves and we judge others but are you excessive?  Are you downright mean? This week I have been exploring the idea of standards with some clients and have been pondering it with myself.  What standards have you decided, perhaps unconsciously, that all people should live by?  What standards do you hold for yourself? I continue to find that lots of us hold standards for ourselves that even we can’t live up to.  What kind of crazy rat race is that?  Ponder it.  What do you believe is the right way to be? To always be on time?  To keep the house to a certain level of tidy?  To like this politician is the right choice but to not like that politician is the wrong choice?  We all do it, of course, making choices is part of living your own individual life but where do we cross over to thinking we can control others?  How can we live more mindfully? Ask yourself: where are you most critical with yourself and your loved ones?  Ponder: What if the way you are seeing it isn’t the ONLY way? Uh, yeah. Tara Brach, a psychologist and meditation teacher, tells the story about a cute sweet dog you see in the woods.  You go to pet the dog and it tries to bite you.  Now, you no longer think the dog is cute or sweet, you feel angry and perhaps fearful of the dog.  Then, all of a sudden, the wind blows and the leaves that...

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Yeah, I don’t know.

Yeah, I don’t know.

Posted by Kim Wade on 02/08/19

About 7 years ago, I had just finished teaching a very fun Yoga for Beginner Class at the then Oak Park Yoga.  In a great mood, immediately following the class, I was sitting in my car at a red light listening to NPR.  There was a story on about something I was interested in.  I can’t remember exactly what it was and what exactly was said, but if I recall it was something about breath.  As I was waiting for the light to turn, the announcer said something that COMPLETELY contradicted something I had JUST told my class about breathing.  I mean, it felt like it was in complete opposition to what I had just shared with a group of people minutes before. I do not remember the exact sticking point but what I do remember is the moment I heard this said on the radio, the exact moment my body flushed with this horrific embarrassment, was the exact moment one of the students that had just attended the class pulled up next to me.  As I sat there completely flooded with shame and self- loathing, she rolled down her window to tell me what a wonderful class and wonderful teacher I am.  I’m her “favorite teacher to study with”, she said and now she is off to “have an amazing day”!  The light turned green and off she went. I sat there stunned.  How could I have gotten that so wrong?  Was I misinformed by MY teacher?  Was the announcer and her subject from a different thread of contradictory learning?  How would I rectify this understanding for myself,...

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All The Time

Posted by Kim Wade on 02/03/19

Grief and I can’t care what people think. I’m done. I am so humbled to the mystery of life.  I sway back and forth to the dark nights that hover around me all the time, the bullies in the bushes. I am humbled.  Humbled also to the mystery of the deep unknown because where exactly is he?  I can feel a playfulness in the heavens, in and all around me, hugging me, smiling at me – like a playful little rendevous around me all the time. I’m ballet-toeing on the edge between the knowing and the unknown. Today the storm is thawing.  There is heavy ice melting.  The sky is overcast and it’s an unseasonably warm day.  The grounds are soaked and the sounds of dripping water is everywhere.  It’s a crisp cool air blowing in my face.  I need to write this down.  What down?  That there are sales and leasing signs every where I look? Do you feel me now? I looked at the porch door, and just as I thought, it’s swollen from the storm and no longer fits in it’s frame.  The door banging is added to the background. Write this down:  I am satisfied. Here, I am satisfied.  I see the beautiful orchid, it was a gift, just freshly ice-cubed by me for the umpteenth time.  It’s such a bright spark of paint on an otherwise grey day. I am so humbled.  Humbled to the mystery of life, I sway back and forth… I am satisfied....

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Kim Wade has always been a creative individual who enjoys the challenges of living an active lifestyle. She earned a BFA in Theater and has worked professionally as an actor since childhood. She describes herself as a very active person, both physically and spiritually. Her personal philosophy is that joy is an option, feeling our feelings is the key and positive thinking is a choice.

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