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Personal Therapy Coaching

Radical Self-Care

I offer a variety of programs working 1-on-1 with clients to help them achieve their physical and emotional goals.

Health Care Coaching – from injury, illness, physical or emotional trauma, we practice yoga to get back in touch with your true self.

Life Coaching – helps you set goals and boundaries that work for you at home/at work.

VIP Program – a 12 week truly transformative program.

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 Self Care IS Health Care


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The Inner Circle Membership Group ©

A Private Community

A few things you get when you are a part of our community:

Weekly Master Class Meetings on Living with Healthy Habits, 24/7 Facebook Community Access, a clear picture of what you want and what kinds of things are holding you back, mindfulness exercises that challenge you, how to view your self and your loved ones with more compassion, understanding what your limitations are and how to push up against it.

To learn more:  INNER CIRCLE, Private Membership


Membership stays below 16 women.

Members must work with Kim prior to joining.

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Yoga for Weight Management ©

Headshot ProfileLighten Up – Yoga for Weight Management

This is an 8 Week Ecourse in Self Care and is delivered to your inbox every Tuesday and Thursday.

Whether you are 10 to 100lbs overweight, Lighten Up -Yoga for Weight Management with Kim Wade is for all levels of health and fitness.   It is designed specifically for you to learn to manage the emotional weight on your neck and shoulders as well as the physical weight on your belly and thighs

7 Yoga Classes, 4 Meditations, mindfulness lessons in body and mindset growth as well as a brand new follow along 66 page workbook.

Click here to learn more:  LIGHTEN UP – 8 Week ECourse

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The body remembers, the bones remember, the joints remember, even the little finger remembers. Memory is lodged in pictures and feelings in the cells themselves. Like a sponge filled with water, anywhere the flesh is pressed, wrung, even touched lightly, a memory may flow out in a stream.

~Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Kim\'s Yoga Blog

Articles, interviews, announcements, and musings

Lighten Up – Yoga for Weight Management

Lighten Up – Yoga for Weight Management

Posted by Kim Wade on 11/02/17

You only have to learn one thing: You have to learn why you overeat.             This Course is For You If… You are the “I don’t have time for myself” person.  The guy or gal that puts their job responsibilities and their care for...

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Intimate Yoga for Couples

Intimate Yoga for Couples

Posted by Kim Wade on 06/03/17

          Intimate Yoga Embrace yourself–your needs, your vulnerabilities–and let your partner embrace you. STRENGTHEN YOUR CONNECTION WITH YOUR PARTNER 773.507.3216 Find togetherness and joy with your partner...

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Stop.  Drop.  Roll.

Stop. Drop. Roll.

Posted by Kim Wade on 12/28/16

Yesterday after class, a few of us were talking about all the delicious treats that come around this time of year. I mean, what are ya supposed to do? Ya eat it…ya feel bad…ya make an oath to jump back on the health train…ya jump back on…ya...

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Who Is Your Baby?

Who Is Your Baby?

Posted by Kim Wade on 09/26/16

I’m diving into some woo woo today. Don’t be frightened. Actually, be frightened if you want. Be whatever you are. What does your baby say? Is it upset? Tired? Hurt? What does it need from you? If you have been reading me for a while you know I’m...

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I’m Not Scared Anymore

I’m Not Scared Anymore

Posted by Kim Wade on 06/01/16

For the last few weeks, I have been letting a series of things go.  I wasn’t even really conscious that I was doing this until about 10 minutes ago.  And here I am.  Pulling out this keyboard now and typing it out.  I am sharing it with you.  It’s real...

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Embrace the Suck

Embrace the Suck

Posted by Kim Wade on 05/11/16

  I end almost every class I teach with:  ”Be Grateful.  Be Grateful for those things that go your way and be grateful for those things that don’t.  There are lessons there too.” And sometimes, they Suck! Sometimes your man doesn’t love...

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Kim Wade


Kim Wade has always been a creative individual who enjoys the challenges of living an active lifestyle. She earned a BFA in Theater and has worked professionally as an actor since childhood. She describes herself as a very active person, both physically and spiritually. Her personal philosophy is that joy is an option, feeling our feelings is the key and positive thinking is a choice.

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