Well Being or Well Partial?

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If you break your leg, you immediately go to the doctor.  If you hurt your back, you schedule your massage or chiropractor.  If you are constipated, off to the pharmacy or fruit stand you go. We don’t even think about it.  When our body is hurting, we often react.

But not when it is our emotional body that is in pain.  Or mental body BURNED OUT.  Why?

I am hearing this again and again in the folks I talk to.  Spending money on our MENTAL WELL BEING feels almost like a luxury.  It feels like we should be able to handle things on our own.  If we can’t, it might feel like we are broken, weak, defective.  So we do what we can to help ourselves through it.


LONELINESS: we drink and build a social life with characters on TV. Angry – we  snap at our family members, are overly critical of our coworkers, overeat.  Scared – we numb out and find things that do to distract us.  Letting that stress build up more and more everyday.  Sometimes it feels like we are holding back these feelings like we are holding back a tidal wave.  Terrified that it will one day…that we will one day…break.

In my work, I like to say Care How You Feel.  Notice it.  Feel it.  Then move through it.  Feelings are the road map to our thinking and feeling them helps them pass.  Not feeling them gets us stuck.  Like leaves floating by on a river stream.  Watch them pass.

So ask yourself what do I need to have true Well Being.  In body?  In mind?  In spirit?  What am I holding onto?  And what am I ready to let go?

Then get to work.

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As always, may it be of benefit.

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