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Radical Self-Care Programs


  • Online Inner Circle Mastermind Group:  Your membership includes:  3 Group Strategy Sessions where we meet virtually online and 3 Personal Strategy Sessions where you and I come together to brainstorm more solutions and set your personal goals.   Monthly Topics are items like:  Healthy Eating, Building a Morning Routine, Focusing on Relationships.   Inner Circle Mastermind Membership stays below 8 clients so each client get maximum time and results.    To learn more:  SCHEDULE YOUR FREE CALL HERE


  • Inner Gaze Life Coaching: These 45-minute personal accountability calls are ideal for anyone who is ready to be Called-to-Action. If you can’t seem to get motivated or have something holding you back in your work, let me help you shift your Mindset.  3 month commitment.   BOOK YOUR FIRST CALL HERE


  • Inner Gaze Yoga Private Yoga Sessions: These 60-minute private yoga sessions are ideal for anyone who is ready to hit the matRecovering from illness or injury, having a baby or desiring some one-on-one time to focus on your emotional or physical re-alignment, this style of Coaching is for you.  A minimum of 3- 6 months.  SCHEDULE YOUR FIRST SESSION HERE


  • Lighten Up – Yoga for Weight Management Ecourse: This is an 8 Week Ecourse to help you manage your weight.  It is delivered to your inbox every Tuesday and Thursday and includes 7 yoga class videos, a follow along workbook, audio meditations and more.  To read more about it, go here:  LIGHTEN UP – an 8 Week Ecourse in Self Care 


  • Inner Gaze VIP Program: A 12 week, truly transformational program, where you have an accountability coach in your pocket working with you daily.  We will explore the body through learning and developing a personal yoga practice designed especially for you.  We will set goals by defining what it is you truly want and start creating a plan of action to achieve it.  This is not for the faint at heart.  The VIP Programs include private yoga sessions, weekly coaching calls and daily accountability.  To apply, schedule a FREE CALL HERE.  To read what others are saying, go here:  VIP TESTIMONIALS



Kim Wade has always been a creative individual who enjoys the challenges of living an active lifestyle. She earned a BFA in Theater and has worked professionally as an actor since childhood. She describes herself as a very active person, both physically and spiritually. Her personal philosophy is that joy is an option and happiness is a choice.

“A Tough Little Coach”                    “A Teacher Who Understands”

Kim believes suffering is a part of life and we all experience it. Whether it is predominately mental, emotional or physical trauma, she believes those experiences (or more accurately, how we perceive those experiences) are where the inner life and our real strength turn on. In other words, it is in our darkness that we find our light.

”Abundant, Positive and Lives the Principles She Teaches”

ahimsa lunge                       

Right Action + Right Thinking = Bliss

Bliss = Your Self-Conscious Desires, Lived Consciously

These one-on-one coaching programs are ideal for those who want to achieve results faster and be held accountable on a daily basis.  To schedule your FREE 15 minute Introductory Enrollment Call to see what’s best for you,  GO HERE

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