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VIP Program:

“Working one-on-one in private with Kim was essential to my transformation process because it was a time of great vulnerability. Kim fostered trust from the first moment, and therefore, because I was able to be completely open – to allow my true self to be seen – I was transformed by this program. Also, the intimacy of the private coaching process allows for greater accountability. Kim keeping me on track – pointing out when I was falling to old negative ways – helped keep me focused on creating new patterns of thinking and behavior.

Kim is a great listener and is insightful. She can instantly alter her approach depending on what is needed at the moment. When she asks “how are you” at the beginning of each meeting (in person or on the phone), if you are honest and in the moment, you will get what you need from her to really progress. It was the times that I felt the worst yet was brave enough to honestly answer that basic question that I had breakthroughs. If Kim had wanted to stick to a script at that moment or follow what she had on the agenda for those meetings, I would not be where I am today.

Having completed the program, I have stopped putting pressure on myself to perform, to be perfect, to have answers, etc., and I have begun to appreciate myself for who I am authentically. Learning to be whole and worthy just as I am – seeing myself with love – was a revelation to me, and through this process, Kim showed me how to make it be as simple as a choice. This foundation is invaluable, and I now enjoy a daily life that is productive and purposeful and fun.  I am no longer worried about if I am good enough; I have true self-worth that I rely on each day vs. thinking that “some day” I will be happy and loved.  I look forward to the future for the fact that I know it will bring even more joy and love and that I will share that love with others. To me, this is what life is for, and I am prepared for living it the way I am meant to because of this program and because of Kim Wade.” -C

VIP Program:

“I think I can say that the VIP program saved my life. For months I had been struggling with depression and despair, wondering if I would ever find my way out of the darkness.  I had taken several classes with Kim Wade and found her approach to Yoga… and life…. to be instructive and inspiring.  I trusted her, and that trust was rewarded a thousand fold.

But, it was a bumpy ride. I had been sort of a professional seeker… I’ve studied Buddhism, I’d been to dozens of spiritual workshops and retreats around the world, I had taken countless Yoga and meditation classes, and I had read too many self-help books to count. I was skeptical that yet another program would actually help me.

Certain that I “knew a thing or two” about self-improvement, I completely underestimated the intensity and discipline I needed to make VIP work.  I would find ways to skate around, missing sessions, getting distracted, not completing assignments, saying yes to everything, and not having a clue what it all meant.

Kim has taught us that, in Yoga, you ‘use the mat’ as a mirror to truly see yourself.  She teaches her Yoga classes that way, so instead of obediently following a series of traditional poses, each of us can find our way through the movements, all the time checking in with our bodies and minds to see where we can challenge ourselves, and where we need some gentle attention — essentially becoming aware of who we are and how we feel.

Well, the same happened in VIP.  Kim demands honesty – with ourselves and with her. Before the classes begin, she sends a comprehensive questionnaire that helps us clearly define our goals as well as our barriers. Then she plans the program around what was revealed in the questionnaire and what she learns about you as you work together. She’s a tough but caring coach and she’s 100 percent there with you.

I’ve spent my life hiding my true self; having someone see me so clearly was painful.  But finally I put together a realistic assessment of what I saw going on in myself, and to see, understand and accept: “This is who I really am, flaws and all,” was a real breakthrough.

After we’ve both taken a true (and fairly compassionate) look at who I am, we begin the process of making me better.  And that’s not better in the sense of losing weight, acquiring a sparkly personality, finding an impressive job, creating a busy social life. Those things might happen, but getting better is about being a more honest, compassionate, authentic person, who’s time is spent on appreciating life, creating joy, sharing your talents, taking your place in the world and making a positive contribution.  It’s building a foundation for living a ‘worthwhile’ life.

Then, once again, the smack of reality.  You actually have to do stuff to be a better person.  Hard stuff.  You have to create a schedule –and stick to it. (Ouch!) A routine for filling your days with healthy, creative, positive activities that inspire and nurture your body and soul.  Then you have to turn around and share these constructive behaviors with others.  You have to do and love and give; you have to make the moments of your life count.

Stay tuned.  I have just begun.  But every day I get up with a renewed sense of possibilities, with a clearer vision of the ways I can feel good and do good.  In all my searching and studying, I never learned a lesson so challenging and complex, yet so exquisitely simple.

Thank you, Kim Wade, for giving me my life back…. only better. xxoo”


Private Workshops:

“I thoroughly enjoy attending Kim’s yoga classes. Her instruction is both inspiring to me and grounding. In addition to teaching the yoga postures and vinyasas, Kim always includes in her class a teaching or topic, a lesson for her students to contemplate and to incorporate into our lives. She also includes the notion of gratitude, to be thankful for the teachings of yoga and for what each of us is blessed with in our lives.

The pace of the class is nearly perfect. She moves things along, and yet leaves space for each student toexplore at his or her level. Her skills as a teacher are outstanding. And she always adds some humor. Kim’s teaching is always fresh and creative.”-Martha Smith

Received in July 2014 “Friends ask me what I have been doing since retiring, and my favorite answer is, “I’ve taken up yoga.”
Kim Wade is my yoga teacher. She is my yoga teacher because I always learn something and I always laugh. I can hear her from anywhere in a room and that is so important because her instructions are brilliant. She moves around among her students offering help, offering encouragement and praise.
It isn’t just yoga, but it is Kim in particular and her loving approach to teaching yoga that has captivated my attention to being more mindful of my body and what I can do to nurture it as I grow older. I am an active participant in growing old gracefully.
I look forward to Kim’s classes and to her retreats and I recommend them to anyone of any age, even if you have never experienced yoga before.
It is a great pleasure to look back on a year spent learning something new that has had such a beneficial impact on my life. Kim Wade makes a great partner in that experience.”
Namaste Jennie Henzel
VIP Program:
Received June 2014 “Kim – …this experience was like writing the definition for love…there are no words to really describe it. It’s all in the heart and soul. I hope you can take some of this and share it with others in some fashion, so they too decide to take the step forward into a better way of living:
The person that I was when I began the program, no longer exists. Your VIP program has forever changed me. You will take no credit for my journey, yet none of us could do this on our own. The changes in my life have been so profound, not only for me but for my family. I am a completely different person in all of the best ways.
You start every session where we are, in the moment. There were many days I was crying, or angry or even sick with the flu. You were there every step to support me, guide me, redirect or reflect back to me what was truth. Make no mistake about it, you have a huge heart, but you are tough! There is no BS to be had here.
I often felt that I wasn’t getting it. I felt like I was going to be the only person to fail your program. You would tell me something or ask me a question and my mind would just go blank. I felt like nothing was sinking in. Then one day, it just connects…you are living in a different pair of shoes.
Before, I began my personal journey, I was dying inside. Never did I think this would heal me, bring me closer to god, give me strength, a look at my life from a different point of view.
I learned yoga is not a pose; not a exercise program. Yoga is knowing ourselves truly, in body and in mind.
I own only my emotions and thoughts and not yours. What a huge gift that was for me. I learned that I can have the life I want. I can choose the life I want. I am a phoenix rising from the ashes. I can sleep! I stopped drinking. I am laughing, and I feel joy, even in the midst of much turmoil that currently surrounds me.
I have tools to support me and get me through. I am my best self today because of this program. My 8 year old says it so clearly. “Before mommy met Kim she was sad and cranky. After meeting Kim, mommy is nicer. We spend more time together and talk about gratitude”
I look back in my journals and in there repeatedly is ” I am so grateful for Kim Wade”. I also have gained a pretty terrific new friend, that I adore. Namaste. L”
Yoga for Weight Management Course:
“From the first information session for the class, I knew that it would be life changing. Also, it felt like somehow I was destined to find Kim at this moment in life, a moment where I’ve realized that I know how to diet, but I don’t know what is driving some of the eating (and other) patterns in my life. I’ve also wanted to try yoga for some time, but I felt a little self conscious as a big girl in lycra trying to be bendy. In only two weeks of this class, I find that I am really starting to take time for myself and that this, along with our weekly homework, is already starting to create some changes. Kim is an inspiring teacher and her kindness and dedication to each person in this class keeps me motivated to do the homework and be mindful of my actions each day. I am starting to get in touch with the patterns that I’ve developed for eating and I’ve also started to make some connections within the community that is our class. I don’t feel self conscious in class because we are all there for the same reason and because Kim has created an environment of genuine openness and honesty. In class we are learning to hug our muscles to our bones while we are doing poses, but I feel as though I am also hugging this program to my bones, keeping myself and my progress a priority while learning from and relating to others in the class. I highly recommend this class and Kim as a teacher and coach!”- Tamra Wysocki-Niimi

“Kim Wade is an excellent, enthusiastic and insightful coach. She has designed a multi-layered program with diverse opportunities for self-reflection and healing, helping me focus on my own core instead of expectations from others. The program supports me to dig deep, experiencing my strengths and shedding light on anxieties that can keep me from feeling whole. A key part of the plan is a generous community built on support to share our vulnerabilities and our courage.” – Liz Chilsen

“I have been “journaling” and encouraging others to do so for some 20 years. What I have come to learn about MYSELF, however, is that often I am not journaling but rather writing essays that will either be used later in sermon preparation or be published in a magazine. The consistent journalizing on one topic has forced me to do deeper introspection than I would if I were writing for a wider audience, that is other than myself. It has been insightful to get to know myself and see how I have evolved over the decades. Thank you, Kim.” – Rev. Barbara Berry-Bailey, Co-Pastor, Faith Lutheran Church

From the Group Classes:

“It is not the first time that you intuited a specific need that I had, but yesterday was quite astonishing. I am an “injured” runner and amateur athlete, and yoga is one of the avenues that I chose for alternative healing.

Your class was so phenomenal on the whole, a great workout, challenging, strengthening, and reassuring, but when you honed in on the hip-opening poses, I knew that my prayers and intentions were being answered. Something unlocked. I felt the healing, and the pain release! I am not sure what emotional baggage had lodged there, but that pain is gone. Namaste!” Michelle

“My favorite thing about Kim is the way she weaves excellent narratives, poetry, and personal stories into universal themes. Her classes feel like you are writing a great book about yourself. Each breath becomes a different page. Each transition becomes a different chapter. Her spirit and energy empower a curiosity that begs me to understand more about myself, my yoga practice, and my place in this community. She lives yoga. And I use her as an example on how to approach life, set healthy boundaries, and bring the same focus and openness I bring to a downward dog or tree pose into all of my relationships. I also love that she uses the actual Sanskrit names of the yoga poses. Connects our class to the millions of yogi-folk throughout the world.” ~ Justin H. S. Breaux, Professional Photographer

“Kim has abundant, positive energy, and she lives the principles she teaches. She weaves together personal experiences, readings and interactive exercises, making every class an adventure. If you are looking for greater joy and clarity in your life, check out one of her classes. You will be challenged–in a gentle way–to grow and flourish.” Brent Fogt, Visual Artist

“Kim is a true guide into what yoga is supposed to be. She has taught me so much about the way the body stores memory, emotion, and unnecessary repetitive behaviors. I am so indebted to Kim for her beauty of spirit and wisdom. She is truly an angel.” ~Tamar Levinson, Clinical Psychologist

“Through Kim’s classes, I have learned to listen and pay attention to my body, mind and soul and what I have to say to myself instead of what I think the world is saying to me. The better I get to know myself, the better I know how to interact with the world.” ~Paulo Laorden

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