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walking-shoesYesterday after class, a few of us were talking about all the delicious treats that come around this time of year. I mean, what are ya supposed to do? Ya eat it…ya feel bad…ya make an oath to jump back on the health train…ya jump back on…ya roll for a while…then…a work party and ya eat it.  Right?

And how old are you?

HOW long have you been doing this?

What if you could jump off that mental trip all together?

What if, yeah, ya still ate it but you didn’t have to go in that mental toxic waste land over and over and over again?

 What if you just shifted?

dorothyYoga for Weight Management Course

The Inner Gaze Philosophy teaches you this shift.

Is it Radical?  Yes, I think for lots of us, it is!

Yet it’s simple.  And you don’t have to implement it every single time!

In fact,

once you learn it and start to understand it, the benefits come into not just the way you view food…but the way you view relationships, work, social obligations as well.

You evolve instead of change.

3 Simple Steps:

1. Compassion.

Have compassion for where you are.  Compassion that you had that 4th Italian cookie or 3rd class of wine.

2.  Pause.

Whether that means you relish the feeling of the sugar rush or you don’t enjoying the dizziness you feel from the alcohol, sit with it.  Take pause without judgement.

3.  The Path, Your Bearings.

Notice where you are on your path.  On it?  Off it?  Turned around?

*When you work with me privately, our primary focus is you defining your path so you know at any time when you’re on it, off it, or hitting the curbs.  

**If you are unsure of your path and want help with this, please schedule a Coaching Call!  We can find out where you are on the journey and where you want to go!  Go here:

That’s it!

3 Steps You Can Practice Today:  Compassion, Pause, Path

Instead of mind chatter, sink in and feel it.  Pause with it.  Does it align with who you are and want to be?

Good luck!

And if you want help either breaking this cycle for yourself or gaining clarity on how to light your path…schedule a 30 minute call.

We will see what’s holding you back and what’s gotta come in to move you forward.  If you are ready to jumpstart your New Year:

Calendar PixSchedule your 30 minute coaching call here:

I’d love to help!

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