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Radical Self-Care

Self-Care is not Optional.  It is the Foundational and Primary Step for our Entire Healthy- Care System.

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Radical Coupleship

Whether discovering or rekindling romance, Intimate Yoga with Kim Wade can bring your relationship to a new level of togetherness and joy.

“Embrace yourself–your needs, your vulnerabilities–and let your partner embrace you.”

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Radical Self-Care Programs

      • Inner Gaze Life Coaching: These 30 minute weekly accountability calls are ideal for anyone who is ready to be Called-to-Action. If you can’t seem to get motivated or have something holding you back in your work, creative and/or personal life, this style of Coaching is for you.
      • Inner Gaze Yoga Sessions: These 60 minute weekly house or Skype calls are ideal for anyone who is ready to hit the Yoga Mat.  Do you need to work through a past injury or illness?  Are you uncomfortable going to a yoga studio without knowing the Yoga Fundamentals?  Are you ready to take your Yoga Practice to the next level?
      • VIP Personal Development Program: Do you want to lose weight?  Make a major life change?   This is a perfect Program if you need help making a plan and being accountable to it.
      • Self-Care for Health Care Professionals:  a 3 Full Day Course in your Office or Place of Business

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