Private Yoga Coaching, PACKAGE #3

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Path of Wellness

Are you going through a big transition right now?

Do you feel a bit lost on how the next phase of your life is going to unfold?

Are you wanting to do some private yoga lessons and practice the difference between letting go versus letting be?


A Personal Development Course

Transitioning between one yoga pose to the next requires the same from us as we transition from one phase of our life to the next.  Whether you are getting a divorce, turning into an emptynester, or shifting out of your long time career, shedding our former self require the same things: a willingness to move, a mindfulness of how we feel and a great big breath can leave us feeling peaceful in a place of stability and ease.

Using the Yoga Path of Wellness, we will walk the path together; in body, in mind and in spirit.  Each week, we will see where you are and where you are going by playing with the breath, with movement, with mindfulness.  You will shift from the past, to the present and gently lean into your next great thing.

Two Tiers Available:

PRIVATE YOGA SESSIONS, 3 month commitment, in your home or office

VIP PREMIUM PACKAGE, 3 or 6 month packages available.

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