Ponder This Group

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We are a group of people who join together once a month and ask questions about topics with no real answers.  We meet the second Friday of the month in the afternoon.  Free.  Come to listen, come to share.

Please email kim@innergazeyoga.com for further details.


Recent addition: Ponder This t-shirts!

Ponder This

May 12th – Truth / Psychosis

June 9th –  Group Tank/ Hive Mind



Ponder This GroupJuly 14th – Global vs Local

August 11th-  Multi Culturalism and how we understand ourselves

September 8th – Ritual vs. Routines


October 13th- Superstition and New AgePonder This Table

November 10th - Societal Evolution and a Changing Culture

December 8th - What is:  Well Bred/ Money/ True Prosperity?







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