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Are You Ready for Something New?

Think about some things going on in your life that seem impossible to change.

Yeah, but once you change the way you look at things, don’t the things you look at change?

Yeah. so maybe it’s possible.


You need some guidance.

You just need some structure.

You need a system of looking at things in a brand new way.


Because changing your thoughts, changes your actions.

And changing your actions, changes your outcomes.

If you want to change an outcome, Inner Gaze Coaching does that.


This Online Circle helps you understand that your feelings are a

road map to your thinking.  Do you want to know what you are thinking?  Then learn to care how you feel.


This program is designed to teach you to care how you feel.  And that the thoughts you think are not happening to you.

The statements you proclaim about yourself: “I am a procrastinator” or “I’ve always been

heavy” are only true because you proclaim they are over and over again.

In other words, you get to choose how you feel about yourself, your work and the people around by the way you choose how to think.  It’s your choice.


I’m talking about MINDSET…


In this program…

  • we notice how we feel and where it sits in our bodies
  • we treat the emotions we are feeling like gifts, because they are, that give us clarity
  • we give up thinking that our thoughts are beyond our control and that it’s okay to live a life feeling stagnated
  • we start moving through those obstacles and swamps
  • we learn to embrace the uncomfortableness and see that it’s not half bad
  • and you know those things we talked about then… that we still talk about now…yeah, we can stop talking about that when we talk.




The Online Circle uses an Experiential Learning style.  You will experience this program through live coaching, video downloads on monthly topics, worksheets, and discussion calls.

This Healthy Habit Coaching Program is a quarterly program that is structured around the following

Healthy Habit topics:


Morning Routine

Evening Routine 

Early to Dinner

Healthy Eating

A Life of Gratitude

Live in your Senses

Healthy Relationships

A Life with Movement

Meditation and Breathing

Nurture Your Artist

Declutter Your Space

Be of Service and Give

And, this is Adult-Learning meaning you design how you show up.

Each week, there are a variety of ways to show up for yourself, do one or do them all!


  • Live Group Coaching Calls with Kim Wade
  • Practice Meditation and Breathing
  • Goal Setting and Accountability Tracking
  • Opportunity to Self Reflect on Healthy Habit Topics
  • Mindful Homework to Anchor You through the Week
  • Action – Steps to Get you up and Running to Better Accomplish your Goals



There is also opportunities for you to give feedback or ask questions throughout the program.  I’m here for you, walking you every step of the way.


Not only is it up to you as to what you do or don’t do in this Online Circle Healthy Habit Coaching Group but so is the schedule.


If you would like to attend our meetings live, you can join us at our scheduled meeting times.  But if you’d prefer to take the time to do it later, all the meetings will be recorded so you can attend at your own convenience and around your own schedule.


This Program is for those who want to shift themselves into a new way of showing up in their lives within a comfortable, relaxed and holistic learning style.


Join now and you will get the Online Circle packet, your first video, the meeting times and the starting worksheets within 24 hours of payment.

The monthly payment is $59. 

You can cancel any time, but you won’t want to because you will be building healthy habits into your life on a daily basis and I’m walking with you every step of the way.


I’m soft but challenging.  I’m kind but strong.

And together, we got this.







We’re a hygge.

With Love,




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“I like each month has a theme and I can ponder on the issues and blessings around it. I like that

the accountability is incorporated in the membership.”



“I really never thought about the ways I can create pleasure for myself and how important it is for me

to be aware of making those experiences happen in order to have a balanced life. There was always

something solid, deep and good to take away from every class.”



“Each week I got something, each week it was different. 

I came to refocus on who I am and I am getting that.”


“You can’t always see yourself for who you are in the world.

Interacting, being a mirror, creating me in your listening are all things Kim does well

and she helps you reveal to you or you are able to see it for yourself.”







If you have any questions, please email



Online Inner Circle Membership Enrollment