Mindset Mastermind, PACKAGE #1

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Radical Self-Care

Do you make goals but not keep them?

Do you wish you could meditate or exercise on a daily basis?

Do you struggle with thinking you do not have enough time, money or energy?

The Mindset Mastery Package – is ideal for those who need a clear strategy on how to shift from Not Enough to Plenty.


A Quarterly Group, Monthly

This 3 Month Group Mastermind Coaching Program works to shift your mindset so that it includes Healthy Habits as a part of your regular and daily life.

We often spend more money on our haircare and skincare than we do on our own mental health.  Living Mindfully means to step outside yourself to gain perspective; to observe your actions, your thoughts, and your feelings so you can better align with your deepest values and goals.  What are your values?  What are your goals?

This is an online incubator for busy people to work with me directly for 3 months so I can support them on their time management and accountability as they build Self Care and Healthy Habits into their daily lives once and for all without feeling lost or chaotic.  This Healthy Habit Mastermind Group allows time to work privately with me as well as within our small group.

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