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The Inner Circle,

a Mindset Coaching Group on Living Healthy Habits as a Way of Life

  • Is your morning routine out of control?
  • Do you feel like making time for meditation is a faraway dream?
  • Do you find eating on the run, skipping workouts and not getting enough sleep to be your norm?

We can change that.   And it’s actually not that hard.


In a short 3 months, we can change your worn out story once and for all and lean into a whole new way of doing things.  We make small changes, setting one instrumental goal at a time.








Want to slow down on how much you eat? Drink?


Join my Inner Circle Mindset Coaching Group

I’m Kim Wade, Founder of Inner Gaze Yoga,  Creative Director of Lighten Up – Yoga for Weight Management

I’ve been working as a Group Leader, Yoga Teacher and Mindset Coach for over a decade.

I’ve helped countless clients shift their thinking and change their habits and I know that I can help you too.

I know how important community is.  Over 5 years ago, the original Inner Circle Mastermind began and is still going on today.

“It’s a safe place to share and be vulnerable.”
“Opening up in a group has always been hard for me but I have become more comfortable over time, especially knowing these women and the environment that Kim has fostered.”  Martha S.

“The group helps hold us accountable to what our goals are…”
“These strong women are great sounding boards that will in turn give great feedback/ideas that maybe we don’t see at first.”  Stacey D.

“Joining the Inner Circle gave me a place to feel accepted yet challenged…”
“The thoughtful and clear guidance of Kim throughout the year’s Healthy Habit has changed the way I live from day to day, changed my relationships, and helped me to continue growing.  I truly wish everyone could have a place like the Inner Circle in their lives – the world would be a much better place for us all.”  Chris B.



Now it’s time to take this successful program online.


The Inner Circle Mindset Coaching Mastermind Program!  This quarterly group includes:

A 90 minute Monthly Group Strategy Session where we meet virtually online. These video calls will be recorded in case you can’t make it.

A 60 minute Personal Strategy Session where you get personal coaching with me! We will celebrate what IS working and brainstorm on how to change what’s not.

Access to a Private Facebook Group where you can give and receive support, motivation and inspiration to other women working to build Healthy Habits into their everyday life.

The Monthly Topics we cover are Healthy Habits like: Mindful Eating, Building a Morning Routine, Focusing on Relationships.


The cost of this Program is $595.


The Inner Circle Mastermind Membership stays below 8 clients

so each client get maximum time for support and to achieve their desired results.


Apply for Membership, HERE NOW


Basically, that means, for about $40 a week, you will get the exact tools and resources that you need to create real and lasting change!  But you have to ACT FAST.  Why?  Because if you sign up RIGHT NOW, you will get a program that has a VALUE up to $1000 for only about $40 a week!

Let’s break it down.  Here’s what you get:

  • 3 LIVE 90 minute video masterclasses with me and a small handful of women supporting as well as working towards the same healthy habit goals as you are.
  • 3 LIVE one-on-one private coaching sessions with me where we can get laser-focused on where you are and where you want to be.
  • Daily support, motivation and accountability to hold you tight as you build the Healthy Habits into your every day and regular life.
  • Unlimited email access to me if you hit a bump in the road.
  • Success and Daily Trackers you can have on hand to help you see your progress.
  • Access to our private Inner Circle Mastermind facebook group to feel your community 24/7.

If you are ready for change and ready to stop talking about it…

Apply for Membership, HERE NOW

This is an Incredible Value!

We invest in our haircuts, our housewares, our cars and vacations.  Isn’t it time to invest in our goals and our own mental health?  What is more important than your Mental Health?

This group is ONLY for folks who are ready to make a change, not just talk about making a change.  If you are ready, let’s jump in!

Are You Ready?


Email for more information.


Your Tomorrow is the Reality that you Built Today.

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