Healthy Habit and Mindfulness Group

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Healthy Habit Group

Do you wish self care and healthy habits wasn’t just every once in a while?

Do you feel like you could use a bit of  inspiration, encouragement and outside perspective?




The Inner Circle is a Mindset Mastermind Coaching Group on living healthy habits as a way of life.


Enrollment is quarterly, join at any time!



$79 per month

$150 per month

*Includes a private Accountability and Time Management Monthly Coaching Call


The Inner Circle Healthy Habit Group works like this:

Weekly meetings (recorded if you can’t make it live)

Healthy Habit Topic each month

Personal Accountability and Goal Setting


Read more all about the Inner Circle Program, HERE

If you’d rather not work in a group but still receive this coaching, consider ATM COACHING PACKAGE

 Live meetings:

MONDAYS at 7 pm



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