VIP – A Transformational Journey

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The VIP Premier Program

A 6 Month Healing Journey for Transformation and Renewal


Primary Intention:

Find where you are
Find where you want to be
Get on the path to being there



You know all about self-care.  You might even teach it to others.

You at times are doing great and then at times you get off track.

You think you just need to know why you struggle with this.

You think some accountability and new habit trainings will do you good.

But what you don’t know is it’s not about that.  Not at all.  It’s not the way you think.


I help people who help people.  It’s as simple as that.

Women who are committed to their work and communities.
Women who are dedicated to their family and friends.

Women who are really great at helping others but often
…don’t show up on their own to-do lists.
…worry about how much they eat
…or drink.




I’m not looking to do a hard sell on this program.  I open this Inner Gaze Yoga Premier Program to only 6 clients a year. I’m looking to meet women (and men) who are ready to dive in, to dig in and do this hard work…

The work to transform your thinking in order to transform your action.
The work to see yourself and your stories and your lives differently.




How it  works:

We Hold Up a Mirror: Through mindfulness exercises we will explore the 8-limb Path of Yoga to better live in harmony with our greater good.

We will be using meditation, self-reflection, the Inner Gaze System to change old thinking patterns and develop self – care as a daily routine.


Private Yoga and Coaching Calls:

We will have six months of weekly yoga sessions and coaching calls that will turn over the way you see things.  We will be setting goals and achieving them.  You will be working closely with me (perhaps at times on a daily basis) and truly healing and transforming your life.

During the six months:

You will see things differently.
You will live with self-compassion.
You will put yourself first.
You will serve others with an open heart without resentment.



This INNER GAZE YOGA VIP PREMIER PROGRAM opens your mindset and turns things around.  Instead of “looking for a job” we “find a place you want to work”.



Are you Ready For This?










Let’s Do This!