Accountability and Time Management Coaching

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ATM Coaching Programs

Just like an ATM at the bank, we can only give out what we have put in.  Are you putting enough in?

In the ATM Coaching  Programs, we learn to take inventory on a regular and consistent basis.  We want to know what we have and mindfully choose how we spend it.



Try it out:  Make a list of everything you are responsible for.


The bills, the appointments, the dishes, the car trips…how many do you write down before you remember to write “YOU”.

Isn’t that odd?  You are sometimes not even on that list!


ATM Coaching is ideal for those who need a process and some accountability to get it all done.


The Accountability and Time Management Coaching Program is a 3-month commitment

It works like this:

We take inventory.  We set up an-easy-to follow along plan that YOU created.

We follow through on the goals and we attain them.


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