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Ahimsa Ab Pose Yoga Class








Ahimsa Studio, 441 South Blvd., Oak Park

11am Gentle Hatha Class – 





Ahimsa Studio, 441 South Blvd., Oak Park

6:00pm Vinyasa Flow – 




Ahimsa Studio, 441 South Blvd., Oak Park

8am Hatha Vinyasa with a Live Drummer 

9:15 am Hatha Yoga 



Ahimsa Studio, 441 South Blvd., Oak Park 

9:15-10:30am  Hatha Vinyasa





Wednesdays 11-12pm (Members Only)

Mondays 7-8:30pm (Members Only)





FALL Quarter (Sept -Nov)

WINTER Quarter (Dec-Feb)

SPRING  Quarter (Mar-May),

SUMMER Quarter (Jun-Aug)


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Second Friday of the month

1:15-2:30 pm

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  1. When does your next weight management class start? And would I be able to go to any class or are there specific classes related to this program?

    • Hello!
      I apologize for the delay getting back to you! Yes the weight course is ongoing? Are you free Saturdays at 11:30? Or would you prefer to take the 8 week course online?
      If you would prefer to talk about it, let’s jump on the phone. Email me: your phone number and times you can talk and I will call you! Thanks SO much for reaching out.

  2. I need help to get back on track. The body needs to work with the brain.

    • Hey you! Yes, the body and brain ARE working together…we just have to check in and see what they are coming up with. Make sure it’s something good.
      Come take a class!

      Are you coming to the Vision Board workshop on Jan 13th 6-8pm?
      Stay warm.

  3. Hi, Kim! We met at MacNeal several years ago when you were our yogi. I am now at Northwestern Medical in Streeterville. I miss yoga! I am only available on Saturdays due to time as I work 8 am to 5 pm. What is your schedule or your class schedule on Saturdays?
    I’m glad I found you via FB!

    Best regards,

    Tammy Chavez

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