8 Weeks To A Lighter YOU!

Are you at the mercy of a hectic schedule?

Do you find that you don’t have time for your personal and creative endeavors?

Do you feel guilty about a lack of exercise, and constantly worrying about your health? 

Are you using food and drink as a coping mechanism and are you ready to be done doing that?

Yes? Then It's Time To "Lighten Up"!

The 'Lighten Up' - Yoga For Weight Management Online Course Was Created Just For You!

'Lighten Up' and get you back on track. This course will set you up with simple steps to help you get to your goal and STAY THERE!

How It Works

A large component of this course is mapping out our daily habits to be aligned with our deepest values, which allows us to be truly happy. No small thing there! The other focus is we need to 'Lighten Up' and not take it all so seriously.

Lighten Up – Yoga for Weight Management 8 Week Online course includes instructional emails delivered to your inbox every Tuesday and Thursday.

An 8-week email series within 4 topic-specific modules 

7 guided yoga classes delivered via video with a printout of the sequence to follow along 

Guided meditations 

66-page workbook to walk you along the journey

What's Included

"An Excellent, Enthusiastic And Insightful Coach"

"This Class Keeps Me Motivated!"

Liz Chilsen

Chicago, IL

Tami Wysocki

Berwyn, IL

“Kim Wade is an excellent, enthusiastic and insightful coach. She has designed a multi-layered program with diverse opportunities for self-reflection and healing, helping me focus on my own core instead of expectations from others. The program supports me to dig deep, experiencing my 

“I've wanted to try yoga for some time, but I felt a little self-conscious as a big girl in lycra trying to be bendy. Kim is an inspiring teacher and her kindness and dedication to each person in this class keeps me motivated and mindful of my actions each day. I am starting to get in touch with the 

patterns I've developed for eating. Kim has created an environment of genuine openness and honesty. We are learning to hug our muscles to our bones while we are doing poses, but I feel as though I am also hugging this program to my bones, keeping myself and my progress a priority while learning from and relating to others in the class. I highly recommend this class and Kim as a teacher and coach!”

strengths and shedding light on anxieties that can keep me from feeling whole.” 

Choose From 2 Great Options!

Program Only Option $247

Program PLUS 2 Coaching Sessions With Kim Option $347

In the last 10 years, Kim Wade has worked with many powerful people that simply lost their footing in self-care. They drank too much. They ate too much. They had old coping skills that no longer worked. They wanted to feel better but had no idea how.

She has helped those clients get back on track and stay on track. And now Kim is here to help YOU!!

Kim believes suffering is a part of life and we all experience it. How we perceive those 

experiences are where the inner life and our real strength turn on. In other words, it is in our darkness that we find our light. Through the practice of yoga and gratitude, Kim got the tools she needed to transform her own life amidst childhood abandonment, trauma, scoliosis, adolescent shame and stress, guilt, addictions, failed relationships and a truckload of fear. Her body began to realign itself. Her mind learned to sit still and she discovered that beauty is indeed truth and acceptance of oneself is indeed freedom. 

Now, Kim uses her experiences and training to tailor programs that help her clients break free and realign their physical bodies and emotional spirit.

A Decade Of Experience

The 'Lighten Up' - Yoga For Weight Management Online Course Helps You Balance Body, Mind and Spirit

Your 8-Week Online Course Includes:

Actionable time management steps to anchor your meals, your movement so that you can stay accountable to your goals 

Weekly yoga classes for ALL levels with videos that include sessions such as Yoga for Digestion, Yoga for Beginners, Yoga for Evenings. 

Meditations delivered via audio files that will teach you basic breathing patterns, how to live mindfully and more

"We Learned To Put Ourselves First"

“It teaches how to put ourselves and the nurturing of our bodies and spirits first."

Barbara Berry Bailey

Oak Park, IL

“Kim knows who we are and what we're going through. She's a tough little coach who combines a You-Can-Do-It approach with great compassion. I LOVE this class."

"I LOVE This Class!"

Cathy Smille

Oak Park, IL

Choose From 2 Great Options!

Program Only Option $247

Program PLUS 2 Coaching Sessions With Kim Option $347

Whether you are 10 to 100lbs overweight, Lighten Up -Yoga for Weight Management with Kim Wade is for all levels of health and fitness

Through practicing radical self-care, tackling deep seated beliefs and thought patterns, practicing yoga poses to begin making peace with your body, you will learn to manage both your emotional and physical weight. 

We'll even tackle your time management to help you ensure that you have the time to do that which matters most to you, including maintaining these new habits.

Alter How You Feel In Your Body And You Will Alter How You Move In The World

Choose From 2 Great Options!

Program Only Option $247

Program PLUS 2 Coaching Sessions With Kim Option $347

"Kim Wade's class is changing my life. She is a superior teacher. Her step-by-step instructions and individual encouragement and support make intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual sense. I highly recommend her program."

“This is not for those who want a quick fix for weight loss, but for those who want to learn more about themselves and how, through focus and discipline, they can develop new thoughts and behaviors that help improve their lives. In just two classes, I've already 

Joanne Leis

St. Petersburg, FL

Mary Cullen

Oak Park, IL

"Kim Wade Is A Superior Teacher"

"New Behaviors To Improve Life"

had insights into what I've been stuffing with food."

Choose From 2 Great Options!

Program Only Option $247

Program PLUS 2 Coaching Sessions With Kim Option $347


Kim Wade

Inner Gaze Yoga

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