Lighten Up – Yoga for Weight Management

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You only have to learn one thing:

You have to learn why you overeat.






This Course is For You If…

You are the “I don’t have time for myself” person.  The guy or gal that puts their job responsibilities and their care for their loved ones above their own needs. Then, one day, and maybe for you that’s today, you look in the mirror and say, “What happened?  Who am I?  This isn’t working.”

Sound like you?



It’s time to “Lighten Up” your weight.



tunnelAre you at the mercy of a hectic schedule?

Do you find that you don’t have time for your personal and creative endeavors, feel bad about a lack of exercise, and constantly worrying about your health?

Are you using food and drink as a coping mechanism and are you ready to be done doing that?



If yes, then YES!

Lighten Up: – Yoga for Weight Management

is for you!



But It’s Not Easy…


Changing our habits doesn’t happen overnight.  It is a muscle that needs to be built over time. You aren’t broken, and you don’t need to be “fixed,” but you

DO need the time to develop a new skill set to support yourself.

Is this resonating with you?

Do you feel the heaviness I am talking about, do you feel your energy, and even joy, drained, do you feel frustrated with diets that don’t work and gym memberships that go wasted?  Yes?




Then, YES, it’s time! 





Lighten-Up-will-get-you blue

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In the Lighten Up – Yoga for Weight Management ECourse –

You’ll see: where the heaviness weighs on you in Body, Mind and Spirit.

You’ll see: why you overeat with a strong dose of self compassion which will make it feel nurturing instead of shaming.

You’ll see: how to make better choices utilizing your own inner wisdom instead of making rash decisions or using toxic coping skills that no longer work.



You’ll see yourself Lighten Up!




A Decade of Knowledge.

ProfileIn the last 10 years, I have worked with many powerful people that simply lost their footing in self-care.

They drank too much. They ate too much.  They had old coping skills that no longer worked.  They wanted to feel better but had no idea how.

They had spent years with the soundtrack playing in their mind of “someday I’ll lose the weight, change the job, get it together” until they were literally…  FED UP!  They were done.  Done!

I’ve helped those clients get back on track and stay on track. And now I want to help more.

I want to help YOU!!





The Lighten Up – Yoga for Weight Management Ecourse helps you stay on track with –

  • actionable time management steps to anchor your meals, your movement so that you can stay accountable to your goals.

  • weekly yoga classes for ALL levels with videos that includes sessions such as Yoga for Digestion, Yoga for Beginners, Yoga for Evenings.

  • meditations delivered via audio files that will teach you basic breathing patterns, how to live mindfully and more!



We are balancing the Body and Mind and Spirit.

Therefore, this is not a quick fix, and is only for people ready to truly change their lives.



Whether you are 10 to 100lbs overweight, Lighten Up -Yoga for Weight Management with Kim Wade is for ALL levels of health and fitness.

It is designed specifically for you to learn to manage the emotional weight on your neck and shoulders as well as the physical weight on your belly and thighs. We’ll do this through practicing radical self-care, tackling deep seated beliefs and thought patterns, practicing yoga poses to begin making  peace with our body as well as improving our time management skills so that we are assured to have time for the things that matter to us, first and foremost. We will learn how to make a habit of putting our own oxygen mask on first.



It’s an 8 Week ECourse in Self-Care

 treeA large component of this course is mapping out our daily habits to be aligned with our deepest values, which allows us to be truly happy. No small thing there!  The other focus is we need to Lighten Up and not take it all so seriously.

We can do this by  learning to gaze inward with a sense of curiosity and joy about ourselves instead of judgment.  We can learn to see ourselves as the magnificent beings we are now as well as that which we are becoming.  Are you ready to learn how?

Course Structure:

Lighten Up – Yoga for Weight Management 8 Week E course includes instructional emails delivered to your inbox every Tuesday and Thursday.

What’s Included:

  • An 8 week email series within 4 topic-specific modules

  • 7 guided yoga classes delivered via video with a printout of the sequence to follow along

  • 66 page workbook to walk you along the journey

  • Guided meditations



For-247-Lighten-UP-will blue

Isn’t it time for you to Lighten Up?

Are you ready to buy?  Purchase course here.

Self-Care IS Health Care.




ahimsa lunge

“My biggest take-away is how important it is to care for my spirit, because when things seem to be in order inside, I have an easier time with external things like what I choose to eat.  And I lost weight!” Diane

“Life changing. Transformative. Kim gives people  tools they can use to uncover the reasons behind overeating — as well as tools to create happy, fulfilled lives.” Linda

“Kim teaches how yoga works physically, mentally and spiritually and she teaches us how to use the poses to see our bodies as a strong, powerful ally.”  Julie

“It teaches how to put ourselves and the nurturing of our bodies and spirits first.” Barbara

Headshot Profile“This is not for those who want a quick fix for weight loss, but for those who want to learn more about themselves and how, through focus and discipline, they can develop new thoughts and behaviors that help improve their lives.”  Joanne

 “Biggest takeaway for me is that I want to keep doing what I’ve learned, I want to keep reinforcing what I learned and I want to learn more!” Mary





Are You READY?



   Your-tomorrow-starts blue

The Journey Starts Here

Right here.

Click below:

Lighten Up: – Yoga for Weight Management


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