Intimate Yoga for Couples

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Intimate Yoga

Embrace yourself–your
needs, your
vulnerabilities–and let
your partner embrace


Find togetherness and joy with your partner
Whether discovering or rekindling
romance, the Intimate Yoga program can
bring your relationship to a new level
of togetherness and joy.
Many couples experience separation
within their relationship and struggle to
maintain or build a lively, intimate
connection. Each individual may feel
lonely or rejected by their partner.
With yoga techniques such as trust poses,
synchronized breathing, and dualrelaxation,
a couple can once again (or for
the first time!) feel in sync with each other
mentally, emotionally, and physically.
If you want to improve your intimacy
together as a couple, an Intimate Yoga
program thoughtfully designed for you
and your partner can bring the passion
and connection you seek.


Kim will design your Intimate Yoga program
with you, beginning by meeting for a onehour
introduction in your home. While you
get to know Kim, she will begin to
understand your concerns and tailor her
approach for a series of sessions specifically
designed to address your needs.
Your five-hour complete program costs $675
and includes the one-hour introduction plus
two additional sessions for two hours each,
held once per week in your home. Additional
two-hour sessions are available for $280.

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