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The Inner Circle, a private women’s membership group

Why would you join the Inner Circle?

Because  you want to be around other smart, strong, and supportive women who, like you, are trying to live mindfully in their lives through the tools of self-care and self-reflection.    The Inner Circle is just that.  We are a loving and supportive community of women from all ages and walks of life.  We are a hygge.

The membership is every 3 months:



FALL Quarter (Sept -Nov)

WINTER Quarter (Dec-Feb)

SPRING  Quarter (Mar-May),

SUMMER Quarter (Jun-Aug)



You set the goals for the year (MANIFESTO) and slowly start working toward them during the months.  On top of that we all share a HEALTHY HABIT topic on Healthy Living that we work on each week and check in on.  See topics below.  We Meet every Wednesday live in a private room/coffee shop at 11am.  You can also call in for a conference call.

Winter Quarter topics are:

December: Building an Evening Routine

January:  Building a Morning Routine

February:  Early Dinner


Inner Circle Feedback

“The community of wonderful women, having a place to talk about what is working and what isn’t and feeling supported every step of the way.”  A Support-ed and Support-ive Current Charter Member

“Everything….I’ve learned so much just this week. I feel like I’ve had a break-through. And I love the accountability. Sometimes it pisses me off….but I love it.”  Current Member

“I like being part of a group of like-minded women who are all trying in their own ways to improve themselves and live a life they desire. I love the unconditional support.  I also like that each month I set goals and work towards achieving them. Without the assignment to do that, I wouldn’t do it, and another year would pass of “hoping” to accomplish things I never plan out how to accomplish.”  A Bada Boom Charter Member


What you get from the Inner Gaze/Inner Circle

  • A clear picture of what you want and what kinds of things are holding you back.
  • Tools to be mindful all day long.
  • Inner Circle Mindfulness Exercises
  • How to view your self and your loved ones with more compassion
  • What your limitations are and how to push up against it
  • Membership stays below 16 women.

New Clients: Must work with Kim for at least a month on coaching calls before joining.

Master Class Info Here

We meet at 11am (or call in for those at the office)  every Wednesdays from December 6th- February 28th.  Come when you can!  Each meeting will run an hour.

We have our Kick Off to the Quarter Yoga Class at 6pm-8pm on December 9th.  This is our Quarterly Kickoff.

We also have a Secret Facebook page that is very active.  Here you can reach out to you community as well as followup with the Healthy Habit Homework from the meeting.

Each Quarter:

  • We will focus on setting little attainable goals
  • We will stay accountable to our tasks
  • We will have support and offer support to a great group of women
  • We will grow authentic friendships
  • We will be inspired by each other and some times, ourselves
  • Personal accountability with Kim on Monthly Topics.

If it sounds like something you have been looking for, email

If you’ve never worked with me in any capacity, please note:   at minimum, 4 coaching sessions with Kim are required prior to becoming a member.

Want to get started?

Sounds fun!


3 months membership is $47 a month on auto -bill per quarter is $141

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