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Nurture Self, Nurture Others


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The Inner Circle Private Community is YOUR community.

We help you set and accomplish your goals!

We align our lives around living with healthy habits!

You will feel supported, nurtured, accountable; you will be in-service and inspired!

The Members Were Asked What They Liked Most:

“First, working toward and actually accomplishing my goals! My life is changing for the better and I can see my progress. Second, making new friends, which is really hard for me!”  Current Inner Circle Member

“Growing and experiencing all of this with this group. So much fun to step out of my comfort zone with others doing the same and supporting each other. Very intimate and empowering!”  Current Inner Circle Member

 ”I’m enjoying the connections I’ve made so far. I also enjoy understanding that I’m not alone in any battle I experience.”  Current Charter Member


Live Events!

Each quarter, we meet for a live yoga class and then practice a variety of connecting exercises.  This is where we learn how we can be supportive, what our friends need, what goals they have and we share our own.

2015 and Dozin with Dinos 290

 Private Facebook Page!

We are posting daily, sometimes hourly!  We share inspirations, call out for support.  We share our monthly goals, our successes, our bumps in this 24/7 hour forum.

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Get Inspired, Get Creative!

 Each quarter, we will be doing something with art because we’re all creative beings!  We need to be!  This was a 3 hour painting party and the paintings we went home with were all so different and beautiful.

Feb 7, 2015 085

Random Acts of Kindness!

Each month we have a different topic.  This one has been focusing on Gratitude.  We completed weekly tasks, thank you cards and meditations on all different aspects of what it means to be Grateful.

gratitude mail

Who Do You Serve?

The Inner Circle serves others.  This Quarter’s focus is gathering warmth for the Homeless.  We are gathering socks.  Our goal is 100 pairs and we’re well on our way!



What Do Your Get Out Of The Inner Circle Membership?

“The community of wonderful women, having a place to talk about what is working and what isn’t and feeling supported every step of the way.”  A Support-ed and Support-ive Current Charter Member

“Everything….I’ve learned so much just this week. I feel like I’ve had a break-through. And I love the accountability. Sometimes it pisses me off….but I love it.”  A Pissed Off But Lovin’ It Current Member

“I like being part of a group of like-minded women who are all trying in their own ways to improve themselves and live a life they desire. I love the unconditional support.  I also like that each month I set goals and work towards achieving them. Without the assignment to do that, I wouldn’t do it, and another year would pass of “hoping” to accomplish things I never plan out how to accomplish.”  A Bada Boom, Current Rocking It Charter Member


Would you like to join us?


You set the goals and we hold you accountable!

What are you waiting for?


SUMMER QUARTER (June – August)


“Yup!  I want to join!”   “Sounds amazing!”   “What do I have to do?”

“It’s simple to join!”

First: the cost is only $47 per month ($141 for 3 months)

Second:  Enrollment  is NOW OPEN!

Third:  register here:

If you have questions, please reach out to:


 The Inner Circle Community is a special private community and it is designed on the following premises:

  • We Set Personal Development Goals through Monthly Accountability Reports
  • Provide a 24/7 Community Forum to build friendships with like-minded people
  • Share Weekly Inspirational Tools to keep you motivated.
  • Offer Quarterly Workshops on Living Yoga- Cooking and Living with the Season
  • Seminars with Guest Speakers on interesting topics like Financial Health and Building a Daily Practice
  • Fun outings for us to Explore our World Socially through our Senses:  See Art, Taste Food, Hear Music…
  • Grow Self, Nurture Others by doing Service Work for our Wider Community in the areas of helping provide Love, Shelter, Food, Water and Clothing. to those that are lacking.


Nurture Self, Nurture Others

 Registration NOW OPEN!!

Sign up here:

The cost is only $141 per quarter (for 3 months)



If you have questions, SIGN UP NOW!  Please reach out to:


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