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The Inner Circle, a Mastermind Women’s Membership Group

Why would you join the Inner Circle?

Because  you want to be around other smart, strong, and supportive women who, like you, are trying to live mindfully in their lives through the tools of self-care and self-reflection.    The Inner Circle is just that.  We are a loving and supportive community of women from all ages and walks of life.  We are a hygge.  Read what the members say below.

The membership is every 3 months:



FALL Quarter (Sept -Nov)

WINTER Quarter (Dec-Feb)

SPRING  Quarter (Mar-May),

SUMMER Quarter (Jun-Aug)



Inner Circle is in it’s 7th year.


Now there are TWO GROUPS to enjoy!


“Joining is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” 
“Inner Circle is a diverse group of like minded women –  strong, supportive, and nonjudgmental.  We laugh, cry, struggle, but mostly we learn so much about ourselves and each other.  Amazing what we can do/become with this kind of support.  Joining is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” Jan B.


You set the goals for the year (MANIFESTO) and slowly start working toward them during the months.  On top of that we all share a HEALTHY HABIT topic on Healthy Living that we work on each week and check in on.  See topics below.  We Meet every Wednesday live in a private room/coffee shop at 11 am.  You can also call in for a conference call.


 We Develop Healthy Habits Like:

 Building an Evening Routine

Building a Morning Routine

Living in Gratitude



“It’s a safe place to share and be vulnerable.”
“Kim has a monthly theme that the group focuses on and works on together. Group members may also be working on individual goals, but the theme gives the group cohesion and a forum for members to share their individual experiences.  I also enjoy the exercises that we do that relate to the monthly theme.  Some of them have coaxed me out of my comfort zone.  It’s a safe place to share and be vulnerable.  Opening up in a group has always been hard for me but I have become more comfortable over time, especially knowing these women and the environment that Kim has fostered.”  Martha S.


“The group helps hold us accountable to what our goals are”
“The group helps hold us accountable to what our goals are and I think in turn helps us more continuously work towards them.  These strong women are great sounding boards that will in turn give great feedback/ideas that maybe we don’t see at first.”  Stacey D.


“All of the women truly hold space for each other”
“When I attend the meetings I always had the feelings of being held.  All of the women truly hold space for each other and that is rare to find outside of a group such as this.  Whether you are going through a crisis or the ups and downs of normal if life the women in this group are there cheering you on and loving you.”  Linda S.


What you get from the Inner Gaze/Inner Circle:

A clear picture of what you want and what kinds of things are holding you back.

Tools to be mindful all day long.

Inner Circle Mindfulness Exercises

How to view your self and your loved ones with more compassion

What your limitations are and how to push up against it

Membership stays below 16 women.

New Clients: Must work with Kim for at least a month on Personal Coaching before joining.


“The thoughtful and clear guidance throughout has changed the way I live”
“Joining the Inner Circle gave me a place to feel accepted yet challenged, loved and supported unconditionally.  I get the most out of it when I am vulnerable and reveal my true self, and knowing that is what everyone else is doing, too, makes it easier and more rewarding!  The thoughtful and clear guidance of Kim throughout the year’s Healthy Habit has changed the way I live from day to day, changed my relationships, and helped me to continue growing.  I truly wish everyone cold have a place like the Inner Circle in their lives – the world would be a much better place for us all.”  Chris B.


Master Class Info Here:

We meet at 11am (or call in for those at the office)  every Wednesday.  Come when you can!  Each meeting will run an hour.  Evening program runs on Mondays at 7pm and runs for 1.5 hours, includes meditation.

We also have a Secret Facebook page that is very active.  Here you can reach out to you community as well as followup with the Healthy Habit Homework from the meeting.

To do the Evening Mindset Mastermind Group:  CLICK HERE


Each Quarter:

We will focus on setting little attainable goals

We will stay accountable to our tasks

We will have support and offer support to a great group of women

We will grow authentic friendships.

We will be inspired by each other and some times, ourselves

Personal accountability with Kim on Monthly Topics.

If it sounds like something you have been looking for, email


If you’ve never worked with me in any capacity, please note:   the BOSS PROGRAM is a prequisite to joining the Inner Circle.

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Mondays at 7 pm

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