Humble Pie

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Retreat ProfileWhat is humility to you?

I actually had to look it up because I wasn’t sure I knew.

The CS Lewis quote kept popping up:

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.”

Well, I don’t think that is an area where I struggle.

For me, the dictionary says humility is the act of being humble, and the synonyms for it are meek, lowliness.  submissiveness.  Ugh and egh.  Yup. Weakness?   I get a little itchy.

How do you feel when you read that?  Do you just love being weak?  Ha!

Today, I am turning over failing, losing, admitting you can’t/you didn’t.

And surprisingly, for real, I am okay with it.  After the case though.  The tunnel through, wowsa!  It was a bitch of a battle.

This past month, I have been sorting through many things:  Closets, old patterns, systems and out dated thinking.

I have been humbled and am, in many ways, still in the state of surrender.

  • This software I send my newsletters out on.  I am quitting.  It will be the last time it comes out thru that system.  Going back to my old mailchimp account.  I give up.  White flag is down.
  • This  virus I have had all week.  It took me out!    I couldn’t fake it, couldn’t show up for my activities, was forced to sit in my own vulnerabilities. Sheesh!  Okay…okay, I surrender!
  • My relationships.  Couldn’t ‘put on’ the strong show.  Had to let people help me, take care of me pick me up.  Was hard to reach out but yep, they guzzied me up and set me back down.  My belly was empty but now full of love, understanding and support.

Today, I am back up.  On my feet again.  Huzzah!

How are you feeling?

It’s not easy to fall, to fail, to show your vulnerability.  It’s friggin hard!  What’s it like for you?

So many of you who work privately with me, this is what it always seems to boil down to:  Vulnerability.  The more authentic we can be with each other, the more genuine our relationships are.  You see me…and I see you.  Sometimes we’re gonna screw up.  We’re gonna miss the mark.  We’re gonna get a beat-down in the battle.  It’s gonna happen to me and it’s gonna happen to you.

Can you let me see?  Can you let anyone?

What I am turning over, again, is that every single time you let me see, you give me permission to let me be seen as well.  The more you open to me, the more I can open to you.  And, best of all, your seeing me, lets me see myself too.  I can see my reflection in your eyes.  I can see that I am loved, worthy, understood even when I’m off the game.  We see that even naked, we are loved.

So Question:

Who sees you?  Who do you let see you?

Who do you invite over when all you have for dinner is humble pie?

It’s not pretty sometimes.  It’s not easy at all.

Yet, to be seen, to be heard, to be accepted as we are is the greatest feeling of love we can feel.  It’s the greatest gift we can offer our kids, our spouses, our students, teachers, friends…world. The gift that I see you. The gift that I want you to see me.

Whole-heartedly, we are one.

With Love,



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