Are You Head or Heart?

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In my work with the Inner Circle, a monthly membership group for women, we are looking at developing the Habit of Daily Journaling with this month’s topic of GRATITUDE.

I’ve journaled all my life and I get so much out of it.  Not in the old way, “Dear Diary, I got an A on my test and my neighbor is so mean.”  I find that that kind of brain journaling (although helpful at times) sorta kept me stuck in my mental chatter.  It invigorated my all-ready thought patterns to be more of what they were rather than shifting or evolving them into something that could be extraordinarily useful.

So I prefer to encourage clients to use their journaling.  To use these brain drain moments to grow, expand and evolve in order to become more and more of oneself.  In this month’s topic of Gratitude, this week we are looking at the difference between thinking gratitude and feeling it in the way we describe it.

How does that look?

This was the example I used with the group on Wednesday, “I am grateful for the Inner Circle.  It gives me the experience to explore and dive deeper into my curiosities of what a healthy life looks like in body, mind and spirit.  I am grateful to each and every woman who shows up.”

That’s nice, right?  Sounds like a nice group that stimulates my mind.  But it doesn’t fully express my feelings.  It says I’m thankful but it doesn’t feel like it.  So, I wrote this next:

“There is no other way to describe holding the space for the Inner Circle other than it being extraordinary joy.  I truly feel extraordinary joy and true giddiness when I am preparing the lessons from week to week – or month to month – for my hygge to ponder.  Sometimes I can be in the shower or in the car and the excitement that I feel starts in my belly when I come upon a new pondering or new awareness or a new way of describing a theme or topic we are exploring.  My desire to share it is so intense, sometimes, so titillating, so alive, that I have to stop what I am doing to write it down so I can capture it in it’s fullness right then and there.  The lesson will usually flow out of me in less than a minute and it is at these times, where I can feel the spirit downloading into me, right out onto the paper that I feel I am in my highest self.  I feel like I am a vessel, a distiller.  It is such a deep and extraordinary love and admiration I have for this group of women who took a risk on me and themselves to join such a vulnerable group.  The willingness of these strangers to be so incredibly open to not only my guidance, not only open to other’s perspectives, not only open to their own wisdom of sharing, but open, even, at times, to sitting in the awareness of the darkest parts of themselves as well.  It is nothing less than thrilling to be a part of and hold space for this, to me, sacred group, this larger consciousness, this fellowship, these lovely souls billowing and unfolding as one together.  My gratitude is deep.  My heart is full.  My spirit is free.”

Can you feel it?  One produces a surface, and perhaps fleeting thought, the other lets you swim in those warm and lovely waters for hours.

Which do you prefer?  Head or heart?

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