Good Morning, Mary Sunshine

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My grandmother was a world traveler.  Most of my childhood, in fact, she lived overseas.  She smoked the long brown cigarettes, which felt very sophisticated to me.  She was not super snuggly, but I admired her so deeply and she loved me well.  When she would come to visit us, or we would visit her, she would greet me in the mornings by saying, “Well, good morning, Mary Sunshine.”  It always made me so happy to be in her positive sights.  I felt so glad to be seen, to be alive, to be reminded that it was indeed a good morning and I was indeed a ray of sunshine.  Her acknowledgement made it more easily for me to see this in myself.  “Good Morning Mary Sunshine” told me of my light.

Our Healthy Habit this month in the Inner Circle women’s mindset coaching group is building a Morning Routine.   I like to teach this habit to my clients, because a solid (and personal) morning routine is the most important Healthy Habit we can build in our daily lives; as it is this one habit that creates the space for all others to follow.  It is time for you to be with yourself to organize or set the tone for your entire day.  Whether you are journaling, petting the dog, meditating or doing some yoga, this sacred and routined time for you allows you to check in with yourself and keep your inner light burning bright.

Think about this, sleeping is a respite for your mind and works as a reset of sorts.  Similar to meditation, sleeping allows us to get out of the drone of thoughts.  The habitual worrying we do, “the analysis paralysis” we fall into gets to pause during our resting hours.  Instead, we get to sit back and watch a dream or random thoughts floating by without having to make sense of them.  We get to be in a place of allowing instead of doing.

You can see how the experience is for you by how you wake up feeling.  Are you cranky?  Anxious?  Dreading the day?  The mood upon awakening often is the exact tone we sit in for the entire day.  This negative feeling- tone, if happening on a consistent basis, can throw us into building a life of reactivity instead of proactivity.  We can spend days, weeks, and even months on auto pilot without mindfully or intentionally living.  We just do and do and do and do.  This habitual way, before long, causes our lives to be out of alignment with the way we would want it to be and this, Mary or Barry Sunshine, is not what you are meant for.

Give yourself 5 minutes in the morning to set yourself up.  Try it.  Set the timer and do whatever fills you with joy.  Write.  Doodle.  Sit and stare at the wall…set your tone.  It will change so much for you.  I guarantee it.

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