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Calm Breathing – 5 Minute Meditations

Mindful living starts one breath at a time!  Find a meditation topic that you need right now and just breathe.  May it be of benefit!



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What Can You Do in 5 Minutes?

Virtual Five! - April 5 (95/365)


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Yoga Poses for Digestion

Digestion 1

Click here to download the Yoga Sequence: Yoga for Easier Digestion




Chakras and Weight Loss

The Body Mind and Gut Connection

Dr. PaulWith Dr. Dr. Paul Schattauer:  “My practice is a primary care medical practice and combines the
conventional with the alternative or more natural approaches to health and well
being. I get most satisfaction out of empowering and inspiring patients to take
charge of their health care and believe they have what it takes to heal and
stay healthy.

Understanding the Doshas Webinar


Craig PicChronic Pain to Abundant Health!

Do you live with Chronic Pain?
Join me on my FREE webinar tomorrow!
My guest is Craig Quaglia from Myofascial Trigger Points
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Yoga for Easier Digestion

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