Embrace the Suck

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I end almost every class I teach with:  “Be Grateful.  Be Grateful for those things that go your way and be grateful for those things that don’t.  There are lessons there too.”

And sometimes, they Suck!

Sometimes your man doesn’t love you back, sometimes you take a risk and it doesn’t pay off, sometimes your kid takes a right turn and gets lost…really lost…

Can you practice gratitude then?  For real?

I know!  It sounds crazy.  And believe me, when it’s things that don’t go MY way…ugh!


I came across this wonderful quote recently,  “We turn to God when our foundations are being shaken, only to find it is God who is shaking them.”  – Anonymous

It is in these collisions, those feelings of unsteadiness, that we are encouraged or downright forced to step back and re-evaluate.  We get to gain perspective on the crash; the lead up, the hit, the pain.  We get to stop for the moment to pause, to reflect on what we are doing, how things are going.  It is in these uncontrollable situations that we have the time to check in, take note, and get ourselves back into right alignment with who we are, who we are becoming and which habits/patterns we are leaving behind.  When our foundation is shook, the whole is affected.  The snow globe is rocked and who doesn’t want a world that’s rocked?  Rock on!

When you get rocked, here are some tools that I am playing with.

Ask Yourself:

1. What are the Feelings I am Feeling in this very moment?  

Scared, Insecure, Foolish, Threatened, Inadequate, Frustrated, Flustered, Uneasy, Suspicious, Foolish, Mixed Up, Angry, Jealous, Distrustful, Stupid, Shame, Worthless, Bitter, Tired, Hurt

2.  In this particular situation, what do I most need to let go of?

An outcome, an opinion, a job, a relationship, control, being a victim, getting into these situations, over-indulging

3. In this unsteadiness, what do I want?  What do I want to bring in?

You can have anything you want in this moment.  You can visualize the pretty desire all tied up with a nice bow.  Don’t worry about the how.  Just get to know the What.

4. What Do I need to do to go towards it?

Answer that for yourself.  For me, often, it is about releasing my will as the only way things will turn out and for me to open myself to any and all other opportunities that may come my way.  It’s about creating new space.  It’s about expanding.  It’s about going from stuck to being open like a vaccum pointed at the Universe to bring to me all that I desire.

5. Get in Action –

What do you need to do RIGHT NOW:

  • Distract yourself from this feeling and surrender to the unknown?
  • Express yourself clearly?
  • Get to work on achieving it?


Be grateful.  Be grateful for those things that don’t go your way.  Those are the moments that serve as the throttle to much of what we truly want.

Yup!  And Eek!

Rock on.




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