Come Home with Us!

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We started our Retreat as we always do!

Come Home Retreat 2015 002Where are you now?




Come Home Retreat 2015 005

We focused on the basics:

Breathing, linking movements and strengthening our pelvic and belly locks.



Come Home Retreat 2015 006We used yoga.

We used it to prepare us to be ourselves; to be open, giving and full of love.


Come Home Retreat 2015 008We learned about our Doshas.

These are our most natural states and energy.



Come Home Retreat 2015 010We focused a class on balancing Vata.

Allowing ourselves to be creative, airy and bring our lightest self here.



Come Home Retreat 2015 012We lit our Pitta -our fire.

We focused on developing internal heat, drive.  How to set goals and achieve them.



Come Home Retreat 2015 025We danced our Kapha – our earth, sweetness.

We swirled, bumped, sweated into our most nurturing selves.  We even palmed a basketball.

; )



We got to know our old friends…





Come Home Retreat 2015 004
…and some of us made new.


We had facials, oil massages.

(I got to practice doing Ayurveda massages.)

We went on walks to the lake and had yummy food.


IMG_4748We Rested.




We took a Lecture on Living Yoga and How to Live a Path of Wellness.

We decided what we want this Spring and what we want to let go of.

We shared a ritual.

We planted a seed and watched the wind take flame.


Come Home Retreat 2015 021We Retreated.




Come Home with Us!







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