Celebrate Your Mom

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A Special Mother and Child Yoga Class

Led by Kim Wade and assisted by her 11 year old son.

“Mother”                “Madre”                  “Amma”

It doesn’t matter what you call her-  she is the same around the world.

The feminine nurturer, the giver of life.

Mother’s Day, in North America, was originally a Mother’s plea for Peace.

In 1870, Julia Ward Howe wrote a proclamation as a shout-out to Mothers.

She asked the others Mothers to stop their sons from killing other Mother’s sons.

“Can we one day,” she asked,” set aside for Peace?”

That’s the kind of movement Mothers can make happen.

A day of peace is what Mother’s want.

Come celebrate your Mother!

Celebrate her Strength, her Perseverance, her Patience!


This class is a shout-out to the children to show Mom a day of Peace!

Space is limited.  Sign up NOW at:


The Details:

May 7th, Saturday, 1:00-3:00pm

$50 per couple; $40 for members.

This class is open to ages 3- Adult.

Bring your kid or your Mom!

If children are 3rd grade and up, you can bring more than one child at an additional $10.

Please tell us the age of your child in the notes section when signing up.

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