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New!!  Yoga for Weight Management 2

New!! Yoga for Weight Management

With Radical Changes!  Yoga for Weight Management A Personal Development Course begins February 2014 $150 On Sale Now What’s New? 14 Students Maximum Divided into 2, 6 Week Courses Meets Saturdays 11-12:30pm Weekly check-in rather than biweekly   We will target the weight on your shoulders as well as that on your belly and hips. This course is designed to stir up a whole new attitude.  Is it right for you?  Here is what I guarantee: My Promises, From Me to You   You will develop self-care rituals that will keep you mindful throughout the day. You will use yoga poses as your personal prayer. You will begin to accept the body you have now, as is. You will get excited about your future. You will start uncovering what you secretly want and perhaps what’s stopping you. I promise you these things.  But, here’s what you have to do to get them. Your Promises , From You to Me Show up for every class. Spend 10 minutes every day on the pre-assigned homework. Make time every week for a 1 hour pre-set creative date. If you fall, get back up. When you’re up, help the others. This program is not for everyone. Seekers only need apply.  To read more about what people are saying: I encourage anyone who is interested to schedule an Enrollment Call with me.  Together,...

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Yoga for Weight Management 2 0

Yoga for Weight Management 2

Yoga for Weight Management is an 8 week workshop designed to work from the inside out and presents the belief that the issues we have are internal not on a dinner plate or second bowl of pasta. This is geared to those who want to lose more than 20lb. Read what others are saying: But is this program right for you? Come find out! An introductory meeting for this Course is being held on August 26th, 2013 at 8pm. In this one-time only, one hour meeting, we will go through the agenda for the 8 week workshop and get to know each other. (This meeting takes place on a Monday night. Please note: the Weight Management class will be on Saturday mornings.) Please RSVP to to get on the email list about this, future workshops, retreats and/or the upcoming yoga vacation to Costa Rica. Back to School, Back to You!     Popular Questions When does it start? September 14th thru November 9thst, Saturday mornings 9:30 – 11am Where does it meet? River Forest United Methodist Church, 7970 Lake Street (also home to Mosaic Montessori Academy)  What if I can’t attend every Saturday? It is best, of course, to make as many as possible, but there will...

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