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Who Am I? 2

Who Am I?

If you have worked with me privately, you have probably heard me tell this story more than once.  It was a pivotal moment in my spiritual practice.  Years ago, I was in a meditation asking myself: “Who am I?  Who am I?  Who am I?”  Over and over again.  Deeper and deeper I went, seeing myself as “Mother”, “Body”, “Breath”…deeper down until I rested briefly on “I am Love.”  Yet, as soon as I was about sit and smile there, I heard a whisper bubbling up as if to say “Or am I hate?” It was a moment that changed my life.  In that moment, I realized I really could be either one.  I could be Love or I could be Hate… there isn’t a right way or a right answer.  Think about that for a minute!   We don’t HAVE to be a principled person. We don’t HAVE to be kind to children or the elderly.  There is no judge or jury watching over us, in my opinion, it’s just choice.  Oh, and consequences.  That’s it. It was in that one moment, I realized that both paths (all paths) are open to me; it’s which path do I want to live the consequences of?  The results that come from a...

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Lighten Up – Yoga for Weight Management 0

Lighten Up – Yoga for Weight Management

You only have to learn one thing: You have to learn why you overeat.             This Course is For You If… You are the “I don’t have time for myself” person.  The guy or gal that puts their job responsibilities and their care for their loved ones above their own needs. Then, one day, and maybe for you that’s today, you look in the mirror and say, “What happened?  Who am I?  This isn’t working.” Sound like you?     It’s time to “Lighten Up” your weight.     Are you at the mercy of a hectic schedule? Do you find that you don’t have time for your personal and creative endeavors, feel bad about a lack of exercise, and constantly worrying about your health? Are you using food and drink as a coping mechanism and are you ready to be done doing that?     If yes, then YES! Lighten Up: – Yoga for Weight Management is for you!     But It’s Not Easy… Changing our habits doesn’t happen overnight.  It is a muscle that needs to be built over time. You aren’t broken, and you don’t need to be “fixed,” but you DO need the time to develop a new skill set to support yourself. Is this resonating...

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Intimate Yoga for Couples 0

Intimate Yoga for Couples

          Intimate Yoga Embrace yourself–your needs, your vulnerabilities–and let your partner embrace you. STRENGTHEN YOUR CONNECTION WITH YOUR PARTNER 773.507.3216 Find togetherness and joy with your partner Whether discovering or rekindling romance, the Intimate Yoga program can bring your relationship to a new level of togetherness and joy. Many couples experience separation within their relationship and struggle to maintain or build a lively, intimate connection. Each individual may feel lonely or rejected by their partner. With yoga techniques such as trust poses, synchronized breathing, and dualrelaxation, a couple can once again (or for the first time!) feel in sync with each other mentally, emotionally, and physically. If you want to improve your intimacy together as a couple, an Intimate Yoga program thoughtfully designed for you and your partner can bring the passion and connection you seek.   Kim will design your Intimate Yoga program with you, beginning by meeting for a onehour introduction in your home. While you get to know Kim, she will begin to understand your concerns and tailor her approach for a series of sessions specifically designed to address your needs. Your five-hour complete program costs $675 and includes the one-hour introduction plus two additional sessions for two hours each, held once per...

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Stop.  Drop.  Roll. 0

Stop. Drop. Roll.

Yesterday after class, a few of us were talking about all the delicious treats that come around this time of year. I mean, what are ya supposed to do? Ya eat it…ya feel bad…ya make an oath to jump back on the health train…ya jump back on…ya roll for a while…then…a work party and ya eat it.  Right? And how old are you? HOW long have you been doing this? What if you could jump off that mental trip all together? What if, yeah, ya still ate it but you didn’t have to go in that mental toxic waste land over and over and over again?  What if you just shifted? Yoga for Weight Management Course The Inner Gaze Philosophy teaches you this shift. Is it Radical?  Yes, I think for lots of us, it is! Yet it’s simple.  And you don’t have to implement it every single time! In fact, once you learn it and start to understand it, the benefits come into not just the way you view food…but the way you view relationships, work, social obligations as well. You evolve instead of change. 3 Simple Steps: 1. Compassion. Have compassion for where you are.  Compassion that you had that 4th Italian cookie or 3rd class of wine....

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Who Is Your Baby? 0

Who Is Your Baby?

I’m diving into some woo woo today. Don’t be frightened. Actually, be frightened if you want. Be whatever you are. What does your baby say? Is it upset? Tired? Hurt? What does it need from you? If you have been reading me for a while you know I’m talking about your inner baby/inner child. How different we are to the inner child versus the sweet faces that sit around our dinner table with us is what I am pondering. This exploration has been something I have been diving into in my own life and with a lot of private clients lately. I am constantly blown away at how sweet we are to the external people in our lives and, yet, so impatient, toxic and sometimes even violent we are with our own inner characters…the baby within that didn’t get her needs met, the preschooler who was shamed, the young child who was bullied…etc. I am asking: can we hold sacred our inner selves even when they are toxic, negative, whiny or scared? Can we care for them in sweet ways? I am finding often, the answer is no. No. We don’t want to exhibit patience to ourselves when we fall short or have needs that are unreasonable. No. We...

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I’m Not Scared Anymore 0

I’m Not Scared Anymore

For the last few weeks, I have been letting a series of things go.  I wasn’t even really conscious that I was doing this until about 10 minutes ago.  And here I am.  Pulling out this keyboard now and typing it out.  I am sharing it with you.  It’s real time.  I am gathering it up and sharing it as I make sense of it myself. I have been working very hard over the last 4 months or so doing some intense inner work around trauma.  Partnered with the fact that, over the last year, I have been fortunate to have met, and be in a relationship with, the most patient, loving and wonderful man who has provided me and gifted me with the greatest and most real love I have ever known.  (Him’s my babycakes.) I am guessing, these two, have worked in sync, to safely and gently crack me open.  To give me the inner courage and to open up to my inner whispers of what it is I need to get done…what it is I need to put into effect…to have what I most want to show up in my life at this time.  Here.  And now.  And dagnabbit, it’s working.   The warrior in me,...

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