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Heal a Heartbreak 0

Heal a Heartbreak

Heartbreak… Oh man, oh dear God, does it hurt. Your Heart Gets Ripped Out… Grief, a painful breakup, a blindside, a betrayal… It hurts like hell. It’s like having your insides taken...

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Humble Pie 0

Humble Pie

What is humility to you? I actually had to look it up because I wasn’t sure I knew. The CS Lewis quote kept popping up: “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself...

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My 2016 Manifesto 0

My 2016 Manifesto

Why do I teach Yoga and Mindful living? Statue By Tanya Ragir   MANIFESTO: I enjoy holding space for people to come together for personal wellness. I think the physical and emotional healing that takes...

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Yours Not Mine 0

Yours Not Mine

I wrote my public bio a few years ago.  Haven’t really looked at it again until today.  It popped into my head that something I state as my ‘personal philosophy’ is totally wrong! ...

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Kiss Me! 0

Kiss Me!

  Yeah!  What matters to you?  Make time for that first! Make time for those things first and then build the rest of your life around it. What you will end up with is a whole, spontaneous, big, full,...

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