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Intimate Yoga for Couples 0

Intimate Yoga for Couples

          Intimate Yoga Embrace yourself–your needs, your vulnerabilities–and let your partner embrace you. STRENGTHEN YOUR CONNECTION WITH YOUR PARTNER...

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Stop.  Drop.  Roll. 0

Stop. Drop. Roll.

Yesterday after class, a few of us were talking about all the delicious treats that come around this time of year. I mean, what are ya supposed to do? Ya eat it…ya feel bad…ya make an oath to jump...

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Who Is Your Baby? 0

Who Is Your Baby?

I’m diving into some woo woo today. Don’t be frightened. Actually, be frightened if you want. Be whatever you are. What does your baby say? Is it upset? Tired? Hurt? What does it need from you? If...

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I’m Not Scared Anymore 0

I’m Not Scared Anymore

For the last few weeks, I have been letting a series of things go.  I wasn’t even really conscious that I was doing this until about 10 minutes ago.  And here I am.  Pulling out this keyboard now and...

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Embrace the Suck 0

Embrace the Suck

  I end almost every class I teach with:  ”Be Grateful.  Be Grateful for those things that go your way and be grateful for those things that don’t.  There are lessons there too.” And...

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