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Heal a Heartbreak 0

Heal a Heartbreak

Heartbreak… Oh man, oh dear God, does it hurt. Your Heart Gets Ripped Out… Grief, a painful breakup, a blindside, a betrayal… It hurts like hell. It’s like having your insides taken out. It’s like having your heart ripped right out of your chest. It’s like you doubt you can ever recover. I mean, really recover. You know, in fact, you can’t recover – you know you will never be the same. It’s both a numbing empty carcass feeling as well as a sweating burning boil. It’s a holy hell. What can you do? Well, yeah, you gotta sit in it. Ya gotta notice it, feel it. Ya gotta breathe it, see it. Ya gotta learn from it. (And you will.) Ya gotta sit in it. You gotta start to move through it. You can then start to heal… 20 Things to Do to Heal a Heartbreak 1. Go out in nature Remind that the world is big, and the universe is even bigger. Being outside you get a larger perspective. And I mean really get outside: Touch the trees. Taste the rain. Smell the dirt. Hear the wind. See the sky. Yes, sweetheart, remind yourself: this too will pass. 2. Get Seen/ Be Heard Call a friend, a therapist, a 12...

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Humble Pie 0

Humble Pie

What is humility to you? I actually had to look it up because I wasn’t sure I knew. The CS Lewis quote kept popping up: “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” Well, I don’t think that is an area where I struggle. For me, the dictionary says humility is the act of being humble, and the synonyms for it are meek, lowliness.  submissiveness.  Ugh and egh.  Yup. Weakness?   I get a little itchy. How do you feel when you read that?  Do you just love being weak?  Ha! Today, I am turning over failing, losing, admitting you can’t/you didn’t. And surprisingly, for real, I am okay with it.  After the case though.  The tunnel through, wowsa!  It was a bitch of a battle. This past month, I have been sorting through many things:  Closets, old patterns, systems and out dated thinking. I have been humbled and am, in many ways, still in the state of surrender. This software I send my newsletters out on.  I am quitting.  It will be the last time it comes out thru that system.  Going back to my old mailchimp account.  I give up.  White flag is down. This  virus I have had all week.  It took me out!    I...

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My 2016 Manifesto 0

My 2016 Manifesto

Why do I teach Yoga and Mindful living? Statue By Tanya Ragir   MANIFESTO: I enjoy holding space for people to come together for personal wellness. I think the physical and emotional healing that takes place when we, isolated beings, come together for stretch, quiet, solitude alone, or within a group of like-minds, is uber powerful. I enjoy holding sacred space for people to be able to sink down and look inside of themselves.  To quiet their nerves, quiet the external world and go inside to discover the place that is most calm can be within. I believe I make a difference in this world when I serve the people that come into my classes or coaching because my gift is to help others see themselves as sacred and lovable.  I believe the path of yoga and mindful living does this. I believe I can help people because I know what it is like to want to run away from my body, to escape the pain, the scars, the open wounds in our physical, emotional and mental selves. I know what it’s like to want to run away from your mind; to flee from the fear that stems from the war currently raging inside of you.  I believe going...

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Yours Not Mine 0

Yours Not Mine

I wrote my public bio a few years ago.  Haven’t really looked at it again until today.  It popped into my head that something I state as my ‘personal philosophy’ is totally wrong!  It’s downright bullshit.  Happiness is NOT a choice!   Not real happiness anyway. The truth is: I would rather feel happy than most anything else.  I’d prefer to feel joyful, kind, compassionate, thoughtful, generous, but sometimes, you know, I don’t.  Sometimes, rather,  I feel sad, betrayed, lonely and horribly inferior.  Sometimes I feel angry, jealous, pitiful and downright terrified.   These feelings are not nearly as much fun as feeling happy!  So, my MO was to tell myself I could choose myself back there.  I could control it and make myself feel happy! Throughout my life I have been told this philosophy.  I have been taught that feelings are not facts by well meaning people who were taught it too.  I have been shown we can rationalize ourselves into feeling things or not feeling things depending on the better or stronger choice.  But, as an adult, I know, for me for sure, that is the opposite of my truth.  Feelings are indeed facts.  In fact, they are our most authentic roadmap.  They tell us where we’ve been.  They tell us where we’re going. We also know we can’t pick and...

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